Our 5-Phase Treatment Process

Our equipment’s unique process, called Phocatox, combines the latest in airborne and surface contamination destruction technology. High intensity Phocatox technology eliminates airborne and surface organic molecules and microorganisms including pathogens and bacteria. The BIOSWEEP® system uses a highly advanced form of the established science of photo catalytic oxidation to produce simultaneous, interrelated forms of oxidation.

This multi-phase process utilizes:
HEPA filtration
Hydroxyl radical production
Purified O3 and vaporized gas-phase hydrogen peroxide (H202) production
Singlet oxygen and oxyradical plasma production
Sterilizing germicidal UVC radiation

All these are generated internally in one portable unit to produce unparalleled decontamination capabilities on site.   For more information on BioSweep click The BIOSWEEP®

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