Smoke Odors


Call before painting!

Many People think that painting the interior of a home is a way to eliminate the smoke odor. DON’T DO IT! In about 1/3 of the calls, I recieve the properpty owner has painted the interior of the house and it still smells like smoke! Unfortunately, at this point, I may not be able to solve the propblem.

Paint is an imperfect sealer: it keeps our processes vapors from getting to the odor source, and the odor continues to work back through the paint. The paint effect is very short term, lasting only a day or so. When we treat prior to painting, the problem is solved – that means the whole interior space of the house including, surfaces, duct work as well as the heater and A/C.

Everywhere we can get the BioSweep vapors, we can eliminate the odor. BioSweep machines convert water vapor into a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyl, and trivalent oxygen (ozone). At the proper saturation level, this vapor can destroy the odor causing molecules once and for all.

Why We Only Treat The Entire Home

While it is possible to treat part of the home, there are a couple reasons that we rarely do.  Most importantly, we can only offer our “Outcome Guarantee” if we treat the entire home.  An example – I was recently asked to treat the upstairs of a home and not treat the finished basement.  I was told that nobody ever smoked in…

Our 5-Phase Treatment Process

Our equipment’s unique process, called Phocatox, combines the latest in airborne and surface contamination destruction technology. High intensity Phocatox technology eliminates airborne and surface organic molecules and microorganisms including pathogens and bacteria. The BIOSWEEP® system uses a highly advanced form of the established science of photo catalytic oxidation to produce simultaneous, interrelated forms of oxidation. This multi-phase process utilizes:HEPA filtrationHydroxyl radical productionPurified…

The Fine Print

No People, pets, or plants may be present during treatment time.  This is a green process, no chemicals are used in the BioSweep treatment process. If we treat before you paint, the outcome is 100% Guaranteed.  If the odor is not gone, we will re-treat for free.  If it is still there after re-treatment, we will refund your money.​ Call 720-499-5518 for a…