Call Before You Paint!

Many people think that painting the interior of a home is a way to eliminate the smoke odor.  DON’T DO IT!  In about 1/3 of the calls I receive the property owner has painted the interior of the house and it still smell like smoke!  Unfortunately, at this point, I may not be able to solve the problem.

Paint is an imperfect sealer: it keeps our vapors from getting to  the odor source, but the source continues work back through the paint.   The effect is very short term, lasting only a day or so.  When we treat first, the problem is solved – all surfaces, duct work, heater and A/C, the whole interior space of the house.

Everywhere that we can get the BioSweep vapors, we can eliminate the odor.  BioSweep machines convert water vapor
into a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyl, and trivalent oxygen (ozone).  At the proper saturation level, this vapor can destroy the odor causing molecules once and for all.  

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